Are You Reading All the News That’s Fit to Rev Your Engine?

Then you have not checked out the awesomeness that is While I do love the genius author Manovich and his profound insight towards communication theories however he falls short and fails to mention the evolutionary shift which links one’s Facebook status update to their car’s OnStar Assistance service.  A Social Media/Auto Enthusiast he is not.

There are about as many reasons as to why I love @SocialCarNews as there are topics that I’d like to cover in this blog every week.  I am a Sagittarius, somewhat (very) long winded, and I have a lot I want to talk about— accordingly I would out sing Justin Bieber if it meant an extreme declaration to showering my beloved Social Media/Zippy Car News hub with affection… but I don’t believe that’s necessary.

I wanted to feature @SocialCarNews as a post this week because not only are they filled with top running social media news stories that are effecting how and what we drive every day.  More importantly, they are going above and beyond to exhibit what social media community programs should constantly reflect: an interactive and engaging dialogue chock full of creative content and participating people.

Two particular stories I wanted to share with my fellow #emac6300 homies caught my attention the other day and I have been thinking about them in the vein of our classroom discussions:

Honda Launches Stunning Brochure For The CR-Z On iPhone, iPad: Is This How The Web Ends?
Did Honda make the right choice using this strategy?
Does this reflect remediation?
Is adverting this product in this way appropriate for the platform selected?

How will the new Twitter Affect Automotive Social Media?
Is this a context, which showcases how a machine continues on unrelentingly, surpassing all expectations?

So now that everyone knows I’m secretly a hot-rod lovin’/tech geek/emerging media scholar who looks nothing like Megan Fox from Transformers 1 or 2, I can share honestly how much I enjoy checking out this site.  The platform and content feed also keeps me on my toes because as car brands continue to ride the new media wave, transportation is changing everywhere we go.

Rihana says, “Shut up and Drive…”
I say, “Shut up, Check out and rev your ‘Social Media’ engine.”


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. missnesbitpro
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 21:25:41

    Very interesting topics you bring up. I hadn’t heard about the ability to update your Facebook status or send out a tweet via car, but for some reason these sounds more dangerous than what it’s worth. I think some people are doing too many things while driving (since if you don’t multi-task you die or are wasting time) that they aren’t realizing that actually driving itself is the very essence of multi-tasking (at least if you’re a good driver). I also thought the brochure that Honda made specifically for the iPad/iPhone is an interesting topic, cause it obviously means they are gearing their advertising to a specific type of audience. Hopefully it works out for them.

  2. Alan H. Rose
    Oct 11, 2010 @ 14:32:02

    I think this is a very interesting Twitter account. I don’t necessarily think that car companies need to make full brochures for iphone (potentially too small) but iPad might not be a bad idea. If you are waiting around somewhere and want to check it out or want to download it to show a friend, it could be a great way to begin a viral spread of your content. Twitter accounts like these are one main reason I enjoy Twitter. Who doesn’t, on occasion, like to know what is going on with your favorite celebrity or acquaintances? I think we are all guilty of this. That being said, informative accounts that link you to information that you would have not seen previously really drive my interests in Twitter.

  3. thefotogsblog
    Jan 29, 2011 @ 08:02:32


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