Why do Social Causes & Social Media go together so naturally like Candles on A Cake?

Happy 24th Birthday to Me!  Yes indeed, it’s true – today Wednesday December 8th, 2010 – the day after Pear Harbor was attacked and the day John Legend died… on a snowy night in Dallas, Texas, 1986 I was born at Presbyterian Hospital; 1st child to Mr. and Mrs. William S. Montgomery Jr.  Bald as a cue ball and weighing in at a total of 8.4 oz, I had big plans for my birthday then, as I do now.  This time around though the celebration is slightly less eventful, there isn’t any cake in the face or balloons put together which look like Giraffees.  None of that fanfare, I wanted to take it easy this year.

Instead of celebrating my birthday with hullaballoo, booze and friends I felt the need to give a shout out and honor 24 ‘Social Causes’ that make birthdays better for those less fortunate around the world.  Not everyone is as blessed as I am and with being so fortunate, it’s often forgotten amongst those I know, that those who are given great privilege also assume great responsibility.

As I work  in social media, it was critical from the beginning that I understood the correlation and significance open communication and spreading a message via emerging allow for non profits.  Half the things I am involved with personally strongly thrive around a Facebook Fan Page, a Twitter Feed or some other social profile so that they can gain awareness while at the same time reduce their costs as much as possible.  I’ve said many times over before – social media thrives today amongst culture because at the very beginning society used the freedom available within different channels to announce their select cause and rally support for it.  Today we see these efforts at an all time because people still have the ability to promote a philanthropic effort that needs attention and there’s plenty of press to go around.  A special thanks to those of you who choose to honor one of these causes as a birthday present to me.  I genuinely appreciate your support!

Bears of Hope
Toys for Tots
Salvation Army
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Heels w/ Wheels
Susan G. Komen Foundation
Shave Dallas
Mayo Clinic
The Women’s Museum: An Institute for the Future
Yele Foundation
Hope for Haiti Now
AIDS Relief International
North Texas Food Bank
Genesis Women’s Shelter
The Chiapas Project
Dallas Contemporary
United Way Foundation
– Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
Stand Up 2 Cancer
The SEED Foundation
The Water Project
StJude Children’s Research Hospital


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