L.E.A.R.N. through Video / 1st Version

LaTrobe’s LipDub submission is actually a more cultural montage of the Australian University scene but at certain times you can see things spring up that are universally intrinsic to the academic institution such as social prostests, homo and hetero relationships, gender identity, etc. Also by emphazing costimes we see a imaginative collboeation from the school’s theatre department.


In researching LaTrobe, when it comes to campus community they do an incredible job in bringing both administrative leaders and senior faculty in touch with the student population so that an active dialogue can take place and then be streamed into an online space and shared with the rest of the world.


Of course green technology development is a key topic when it comes to progressive social movements that only bring together communities, but they more importantly bring together world leaders so that ideas can be exchanged to understand where the problems are originating from. Bonus, at one point the technology was on an iPhone.


In a medical and political sense it is incredible to see how an international study program teaches two social classes how to collaborate with one another and solve problems. The NYU Global Brigades Initiative sets a bar for how social good can be shared through video., travel, and in education.


The building’s where this university is hosted was designed by Louie XIV, in the 1960s a English musician turned it into an academy for Fashion, Interior Design, and Art. Today a interested student can learn more about studying abroad by watching this video. The formula used to share this media is collaborative consumption.


Really enjoyed how this particular video combined text, with photographs, with architechture, with music, with art and travel to portray a narrative through a social media about a summer education initative. One can extract specific cultural elements within the video that show culture consumption. Plus the song is super snappy.


Collaborative Consumption on a campus often means sharing resources amongst students, teachers, faculty, and staff. During the swine flu epidemic QUOC designed this quirly video to engage students but at the same time offer them valuable information aboutt symptons, signs, and solutions from a campus nurse who could offer assisance.


San Diego State University is a progressive institution that pulled several different resoureces together so that they could collaborate on how to devlop the nation’s first student vetran housing. The result.. traumatized service men and women have a established and safe community on this campus which also provides easy access to psychological, academic, emotional and personal resources.


The interesting part about this video is that it combines two different digital media to convey a message about collaborative consumption that is taking place at Marquette. Another thing that is special is that the viewer can expand their own network and connect with the tiwtter handles displayed during the clip.

When it comes to the college sports arena, one sees a sort of climax surrounding collaborative consumption. Faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, coaches, players are all under one roof to collectively cheer on the fighting school spirit. Or in this case earn the record for largest thriller dance off. Inspring.

This pariicular Indian university’s ‘LipDub’ is actually part of a larger university movement that has solicited over fifty responses from campuses around the world. A remix is one thing but when a group of students tour their university and lip synch while adding in some Bollywood dance moves .. you can’t deny that took collaboration.

Pop culture references, a Mascot Battle, and a YouTube Channel dedicated to the shenanigans that ensued between the faculty, staff, and students when trying to decided on who should be the next Roanoke College figure heard. The voting system is a collaborative effort… not unlike American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.

The citizen journalist role in collaborative consumption takes on a new form when they are able to translate the human interest story from real life and then stream it instantly on to the Internet, blog, twttier account, or Facebook Fan Page rom their iPhone or smart phone device like here.

Although this clip appears fixiated on conveying a modern and easy to access information by rolling figures out along with pretty accompanying infographics, there is still a story of collaborative consumption here. Someone team of people had to come together and make this presentation look consistent and cohesive.

In my opinion a true collaborative consumption piece that took place right here in town not all that long ago. February 2011 was a strange month indeed and this video does a impeccable job capturing the cross section of individuals who were affected by the 2011 Blizzard on the UT-Dallas campus.


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