Learn through Video Lessons / Revised Collection

‘1947: Making A Book’
When users posted this video, they were actually giving student an extra bonus because this video clip shows two important lessons: The first lesson is more related to the history of how a medium (i.e. the book) was made, & the 2nd lesson is how you can share any lesson virally using free tools like YouTube.

‘Tate Tracks’ 
This video clip, although related to a B2B marketing lesson teaches viewers how to think beyond the restrictions of an iPod, or other portable music device. Learning about art, culture, music, and society constantly overlap so naturally it makes sense to blend sound and image media lessons at museum environment like the Tate.

‘The Halcyon Gallery Presents: Bob Dylan’s Drawn Blank Series’  
When the Halcyon Gallery made this video, Curators went a step beyond giving the viewer a lesson from the side historical notecard; Professor Maurice Cockrill, Head of The Royal Academy School actually conducts a mini art history lesson & demonstrates certain brush strokes Dylan used.

‘LipDub’ from Vellore Institute of Technology
This particular Indian university’s ‘LipDub’ is actually part of a larger university movement that has solicited over fifty responses from campuses around the world. A remix is one thing but when a group of students tour their university and lip synch while adding in some Bollywood dance moves .. you can’t deny that their efforts took collaboration.

‘A Nightmare on Selwyn’ from Queens University of Charlotte
Collaborative Consumption on a campus often means sharing resources amongst students, teachers, faculty, and staff. During the Swine Flu epidemic QUOC designed this quirky video to engage students but at the same time offer them valuable information about symptons, signs, and solutions from a campus nurse who could offer assistance.

‘LTU Strategic Plan Interview with Paul Johnson’ from LaTrobe University
In researching LaTrobe, when it comes to campus community they do a great job in bringing both administrative leaders & senior faculty in touch with the student population so that an active dialogue can take place and then be streamed into an online space and shared with the rest of the world.

‘NYU Professor Jeffery Carr Addresses Social Media & Customer Retention’
Enterprise Magazine conducted a interview from the New York University campus and spoke to leading industry expert and professor Jeffery Carr about how social media initiatives must be administered at the proper frequency with powerful content if a brand ever wishes to see a return on relationships and more importantly a return on investment.

‘Kickin’ It Scholastic Journalism Week’
Raising social awareness is a commonplace today but as history proves in this video, times were not always so proactive when it came to respecting individual’s beliefs. This video also ties in nicely to a message about how younger student interested in journalism should consider the evolving role of a media representative and what does it mean today?

‘Junior Achievement Teaches Lessons Beyond the Classroom’
The Junior Achievement Worldwide Volunteer Program exemplifies a successful non profit model which teaches each individual (both those in a class and those volunteering to teach class) how important serving one’s community is and other valuable lessons related to professional development, jobs, personal finance, team work, practice, integrity and citizenship.

‘No Right Brain Left Behind Initiative’
During Social Media Week 2011, founder Viktor Venson expressed a concern to his industry and used the power of networking, to not only raise awareness about a terrific cause he recently founded, but at the same time brought up a significant concern about how creative lessons are fading from the curriculum plans in classrooms across the US.

‘The Seed Foundation: An Institute for the Future’
This Washington D.C. charter school acts on an idea that every academic institution should embrace; the guiding philosophy behind the program at SEED teaches each person that they are accountable for their decisions, can achieve any level of success if they’re determined, and can always work hard at whatever endeavor they pursue.

‘The Future of Education’
The specific focus of this video’s lesson is to teach viewers about the slated extremes that different students endure when it comes to a comparing variety of factors including tuition rates, long term cost benefits, and student loans. Financial lessons like this also help raise awareness about which schools need more federal aid.


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