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David Lebovitz’s blog domain, The Sweet Life in Paris, is a visually-enhanced, internationally-acclaimed media resource which discusses French culture from an expatriate perspective. Using his digital guide, travelers and even local Parisians can discover new and surprising areas, restaurants and activities around town. Current Twitter Followers – 76,381.

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Restaurant Recommendations via the Business Card.  When one returns from Paris, acquaintances of the traveler will almost always ask about restaurants, where they are located, did the prices seem fair, was the wait staff rude to Americans, etc.  However the modern restaurant business card, like the one from Le Bistrot Des Comperes, saves a weary individual time and hassle.  References to TripAdvisor, Maps, and Facebook URLS are commonplace, so making a decision to visit that ‘famed French cafe’ your brother-in-law told you about is all the easier.

Bottle Collection Points.  Even though annual French wine consumption has reportedly dropped by 75% in the last three years (according to a report from; the amount of tourists coming through Paris to drink wine has steadily increased.  Restauranteurs throughout Paris must comply with specific laws and move all bottles (wine and otherwise) from their establishment to a collection point where they will then be picked up and moved to recycling sites.

Les Halles Neighborhood Cafe uses a ‘catching’ green and white Entrance sign to help people understand where the proper door is, thus securing business entry as opposed to loosing customers who cannot locate the restaurant’s logo sign.


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