Transport Screens | Case Study Collection

Interactive GPS at the ‘Franklin D. Roosevelt’ Metro Stop.  New technologies such as the automatic gate doors, and the below screens are being introduced to help commuters move amongst the vast Paris metro network.  Coincidentally, as metro engineers take out various make shift walls that were built in the 1960s at certain stops, old poster materials are gaining visibility for the 1st time in forty years.

Televising from the Basilique Saint-Denis.  Located just outside the Paris city limits, this legendary religious site has been used by countless French monarchs since its establishment in 1136; During the visit with our class, modern camera equipment was being set up to broadcast a live concert.  Thus, this technology is remediating and spreading the media associated with this church to household computer and television screens around the world.

Live from the Bourse Financial Building.  Regardless as to what financiers working in Paris economics would prefer, on May 16th the French Parliamentary Channel organized a taping which allowed audience participants to ask visiting ministers from the European Union, and present French officials questions about student issues and concerns.  The event was free, open to the public, and then streamed virally through YouTube.  Again, visual media are moving content through different transport screens (in this case Computers and Televisions).

The Portable Screen from DigitalTag.  Now featuring your newest avant-garde art film.  Its also been said that this is ‘the hottest Spring 2011 Suit accessory’ you can buy.  White 4G iPhones are so Fall 2010.  Of course, one would only see a ‘transport screen’ in this capacity while attending a Vernissage De L’Ete at the famed Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard.


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